Much has been said about the merits of buying Australian Made products (particularly if you live in Australia.. though if you don’t, our products are great so please buy them!), and the broader benefits can be studied on the Australian Made Website.

Today we are focussing purely on the benefits of owning and Australian Made Hose Reel, and while there are many applications for hose reels, we’ll use one of our clients garden reels (Easyhose/AK Reels) as our example.

Manufacturers and distributors won’t publish the number of faulty products that they replace or offer refunds for, nor do we know precisely how many imported hose reels end up in landfill. What we do know, is that if a product is considered ‘cheap’ and it fails early, many people simply toss their purchase in the bin rather than approach the supplier for repair or replacement. Because the product is cheap, the customer is accepting that the product won’t last very long and are expecting to throw it away. In the case of imported hose reels, anecdotal evidence suggested the average life of an imported hose reel is two years.. so in effect, the customer is literally buying rubbish!

Conversely, if a customer buys an expensive hose reel and it fails early, they are very likely to contact the manufacturer for a replacement reel or refund. Easyhose’s garden reels fall into this latter category, and we know for certain that very few are returned with issues, and those that are, are swiftly repaired or replaced through their factory in Melbourne. The vast majority of the garden reels that come out of the AK factory last a very long time, with customers regularly writing in claiming that they have reels still operating effectively after 20 years of service!

So, you get what you pay for?

That might seem obvious, but there is a misconception around price when it comes to Australian Made products in general. Many people simply think that the only difference between Australian Made products and imported products is the cost of labour. While labour is a factor, the quality of materials used in Australian manufacturing is far higher than those used in most imported products, hence, the manufacturing costs are naturally higher.

Take the example of cheap imported Chinese tap ware, where there is a significant health issue currently flying under the radar. It’s been discovered that some manufactures of taps and plumbing fittings in China, have been using stainless steel that contains high volumes of lead, lead that can be transferred to the water travelling through the taps and faucets. To eliminate the issue, instead of improving the quality of the stainless steel, manufacturers have taken to installing food grade plastic tubing in these products to reduce the consumers exposure to lead.. thus decreasing the lifespan of the product further because the food grade plastic will fail long before the stainless steel!

It’s up to you!

Discount pricing versus durability, that’s all it comes down to. If cost is a major factor in your decision to purchase a hose reel, then an Australian made Garden Hose Reel is not for you. If however you are a discerning buyer, who appreciates longevity, then buy Australian Made!