This might seem like an odd topic for a blog post, but we have a client called EasyHose, who sells Australian made retracting hose reels (that’s right, genuine Australian made products), and when I discuss their business with friends, they are amazed at the variety of retracting hose reels on offer, and for some reason, people I speak to seem to be unable to grasp the usefulness of a retracting hot wash hose reel.

Interestingly, the idea of a retracting cold wash hose reel is easy for people to understand.. you need to wash something some distance away from the tap, and rather than lug a loose hose around the space in question, the retracting reel makes it much easier to get the water to where it’s needed because you don’t have to manually un-coil then re-coil the hose, so the hose can’t be left lying around waiting for someone to trip over it, nor can the fitting be ripped from the tap if someone pulls too hard on the hose.

Hhhmm.. now people.. precisely the same principle applies to a hot wash reel, in fact, the benefits of using a retracting reel for hot water are amplified by the fact that the hose now contains water under pressure, at temperatures of up to 80 degrees celsius. Under these conditions in commercial environments such as restaurant kitchens, butchers shops, abattoirs, fish mongers, food production and hospitals etc, having a safe method of delivering targeted hot water becomes imperative.

So that’s it, hot wash hose reels do have a purpose.. oh, and just a tip, there’s a misconception going around suggesting that you need a qualified plumber to install hot wash reels.. you don’t, you’ll just need some teflon tape, most hot wash reels simply connect to the existing hot water outlets without any additional plumbing required!